Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best creams for Sunburn Itching?

My fiance got burnt pretty bad and now the burn isnt as bad...but the itch is horrible for him. Do you have any suggestions? I had him take Ibproferen (sp) and put Solarcaine on his there anything else or better? thanks!Best creams for Sunburn Itching?
I read the first answer--do not put deodorant on it!! that could be a disaster! there is a lotion called Cetaphil that is really mild and lasts all day. that is usually what i use when i get burnt. actually i only use it after the burn is gone and i get itchy. while i still have the burn i use aloe veraBest creams for Sunburn Itching?
I read on yahoo that deodorant works good and I tried it. It actually does work pretty good. The sunburn itch is the worst!!
Sarna, it is an itch lotion. Can be purchased at drug stores or grocery stores. Or use refridg. aloe gel.
Try Aloe Vera with lidocaine in it. They sell it at most drug store, but make sure it has lidocaine in it.
Gold Bond lol:)

i watched the commercial and it relives all kinds of itc hes:)

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