Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vaginal burning/itching relief creams.. which one?

I was stuck at a wedding all day which rather tight pants and a panty liner. The panty Liner was scented, which i didnt know. During the middle of the day it my vagina started to get uncomfortable, and sore. I went to the Bathroom and removed the panty liner but the rest of the day it started to get worse.. and i couldnt do much about it because i was stuck at the reception. Now my outer Vagina is Sore, itchy and burns very mildly .. When i look at it, the underside of my labia are slightly red.

What over the counter cream should I get to relieve the irritation?. I have no discharge or smell, its just really annoying.. ive been putting A%26amp;D on it but it doesnt do much.Vaginal burning/itching relief creams.. which one?
Canesten. I know it's for yeast infections but it works great for the symptoms you're describing.Vaginal burning/itching relief creams.. which one?
I would wait it out because usually if you had like a yeast infection you would have a fishy smell and discharge. What you have could just be a reaction to the scented panty liner.
Try diaper rash cream. It is great for any area of the body that is itchy or heat rash. It is also very gentle on the skin.
If you were wearing tight clothes for a while you could have got thrush (yeast infection), so I'd try getting medication for that rather than general vaginal creams.

Neither me or anybody else I know has got smelly or abnormal discharge btw, so don't rule out thrush because you haven't got that.
Just wash with a mild soap and rinse well...leave it alone for a while...AND stop using scented liners....
I wouldn't put anything on it, it's just an alergic type reaction, not an infection.

If need be just pick any cream but to be honest I wouldn't mess about and probably make things worse.

Just go in a bath with warm water and no soap.

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