Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Creams to use on belly for itching?

I can't use anything with cocoa butter because I will get a horrible rash, are there any other creams out there to help with the itching, not necessarily stretch marks? I've read that some creams can't be used on the stomach because it will go directly to the fetus so I don't know which cream to buy.Creams to use on belly for itching?
This is going to sound a bit sticky, but it isnt. I use olive oil straight out of the shower with my skin just a touch damp so that it dries nicely, and after im completely dry (a few mins later) baby lotion. It is very soothing %26amp; my skin looks like milk :)Creams to use on belly for itching?
You can use only olive oil if you want. Sounds funny but my grandmother told me to and it works. AND I have no stretch marks at all to top it off.
ive had terrible itching the doctor told me to use calamine lotion its the only thing thats helped i tried allot of normal lotions %26amp; still itched
Cocoa butter cream from Palmers will work. If you can find a Vitamin E oil that will help as well.

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