Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Itching...lots of it...arms, hands, legs, groin, beltline. Any suggestions? Is there an OTC Cream I can buy?

I'm going to the derm. soon, but is there a cream that can help with some relief? I've washed sheets, stopped taking some new vitamins...any thoughts as to what it could be? It's not the sun or something I's been happening, worsening for four or five weeks...thanks in advance for any help? The ScratcherItching...lots of it...arms, hands, legs, groin, beltline. Any suggestions? Is there an OTC Cream I can buy?
Have you tried switching your laundry soap? Or the soap you are bathing with?

Could be as simple as that.

Change your soaps and see what happens. Also keep your derm appointment.

Good luck.Itching...lots of it...arms, hands, legs, groin, beltline. Any suggestions? Is there an OTC Cream I can buy?
Try Aveeno cream which is sold at Walmart and take Benadryl allergy tablets every 4 hours. It is an anti-histamine which helps stop your body from producing histamine and if you can stand the smell of vinegar put some in your bath water.
Anti- itch cream available at Walgreens. The ones that contain hydrocortisone are best. Avoid those dryer sheets like bounce. Use a good 5.5 PH bar soap like Caress, less drying, use moisturizing cream daily, get a hypoallergenic one at a health store. My husband and I get that every year at this time. I think it might be a form of seasonal allergy. He uses ice on it to help but I find the anti-itch cream works best.
You need to go see a doctor. This sounds serious. This seems to be internally caused and so a cream does not seem like the rightremedy at this time.
it could be scabies, because they appear where you're having problems. It's worse at night. There's no way to stop scabies unless you see a dr, so he/she can prescribe some permethrin (pesticide used on humans). And scabies is contagious...if you have it you could have gotten it from someone and then you can pass it on, so make sure whomever you've had close contact with knows that you have it, so they can get checked out by the dr. too. Good luck!
If it's that bad maybe you should go to the er and they may have an on call dermatologist.
If you have what looks like little trails on your skin it could be scabies... If so.. scratching actually helps it. Try camphophenique (spelling?) or an oatmeal bath to help any other itching. I always like that better than hydro-cortisone creams. It could be dang near anything.. not sure about a remedy unless I know what it looks like.
check your liver
Is it something new that's happening to you? Check what it is that you are doing different - could be a new soap, shampoo, detergent... artificial additives in food can trigger itchiness too, particularly artificial colourings.

Even fruit juices and soft drinks are loaded with dyes - ultimately you are the best judge of what it is that's causing your allergy.

I hope your doc helped!
Hydrocortizone Cream 1% sold at any pharmacy about 3.99
OTC hydrocortisone, and oral Benadryl

Just check with the pharmacist first to make sure those meds are okay for you
It's important to know the source in order to recommend the best treatment which you will hopefully get from the derm. In the meantime, you can take benadryl (diphenhydramine) 50mg up to 4 times a day. It will make you sleepy though. Steroid creams are the best like hydrocortisone applied to the area. Both are available over the counter.
Itchy Skin Relief

Skincare Tip

I don't think there is anything worse than itchy skin, but luckily there are some simple treatments. Here's a simple solution to itchy skin.

1. Pour one cup of apple cider vinegar into a tub of warm water. The itchiness should be calmed down nicely.

2. Oatmeal is often an ingredient in bath products and its ability to soothe itchy skin is one of the reasons.

3. Does anyone remember Calamine Lotion? I was a child who contantly found every clump of poison ivy and this lotion often came to my rescue.

4. Sometimes all it takes is an application of an unscented lotion to cool the itch.

5. Did you know that wet baking soda will also stop an itch in its tracks? There is simply something about the cold, wet soda that always does the trick

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