Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My dad's had excessive itching 4 over 6 mos now. What can I do to relieve the itching. Rx creams not helping

OTC Creams and medicine has not helped. We're desperate. Can someone help?My dad's had excessive itching 4 over 6 mos now. What can I do to relieve the itching. Rx creams not helping
For an itch to go on this long sounds like an allergy to something that he's coming into contact with.

Have you changed laundry detergents within the last 6 months? That's one of the first things that a good doctor will ask. It often helps to change to a detergent that is ';free'; of smells - meaning no dyes and no smells. There are several on the market that are good.

This also means no fabric softeners -- unless it's a ';free'; one as well.

You didn't say where the itching is. I'm assuming that it's all over.

This could also be a reaction to a medication that he's on. Often times, itching is one of the top nuisance side-effects of medication. Has he changed medication or started a new medication in the past 6 months?

If neither of those things could be the trigger, it's possible that he's allergic to something he's eating or coming into contact with, which can be extremely hard to figure out. Many people are allergic to milk, wheat, dairy, corn... the list goes on and on.

I would advise that he go and see a dermatologist first, and that doctor may even refer him to an allergist to have testing done to see if they can pinpoint exactly what's causing the itch.

Like I said - I'd try switching laundry detergents, then review his medications before anything else.

Good luck to you!My dad's had excessive itching 4 over 6 mos now. What can I do to relieve the itching. Rx creams not helping
How about a doctor? He probably has scabies.
He needs to see his doctor or a dermatologist. He may need prescription meds or an injection to stop the itching. The doc may need to do some tests to determine what is going on, but I hope it's not anything contagious!
Tell him to visit a doctor. I'm guessing there isn't too many here on yahoo question time
get him checked for Scabies.
Please see a doctor...He'll be able to diagnosis it...excessive itching SOUNDS LIKE poison oak??? But who knows?..Only a doctor knows..or maybe, ask a pharmacist...???
have you tried a cortizone shot?
I have had extreme itching on the back side of my hands. little bumps appeared and it looked weird. doctors all said that it is dry skin, weeks went by and no help with the creams. The only thing that helped was coconut butter lotion. believe it or not it cures stretch marks on pregnant woman and all other skin irritations. tell your father to try it out i cured my hands and i havent had problems sense. i still to this day dont know why may hands were so itchy and looked so bad but the coconut butter really worked.
If you have no obvious rason for the chemical irritants, allergies or eczma he should get antihystamines from the doctor...
Try an oatmeal bath.

Edit: Can you possibly describe what his skin looks like while he is itching, and how long he itches for.
What other symptoms? Is there a rash, roughness, tracking marks? When none of the medications help, it is time to get a reevaluation for what the root cause is, whether allergy, scabies, dry skin, etc. Good luck.
YES go get some over the counter claritin ( loritidine 10 mg) sam's club has it the cheapest, nothing could stop my excema from itching but ive been taking 2 pills morning %26amp; 2 at night . it works my dermatologist said its safe.
Is there an ';after-hours clinic'; close by? He could need a shot to relieve it. Sounds like some sort of allergic reaction. Try benedryl.
oatmeal bath and calomine lotion(sp?)

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