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Itching..i need a cream or something please help- WOMEN ONLY please?

okay im 14 years old.

i dont want to have to go the doctors and i dont want to have to ask my mum.

i have recently been shaving ';that area'; completely for about the past month-month and a half. i do not think this is the reason for my itching but i thought it could possibly be relevant.

i havent had sex so it cant be an std?

but i have really reaaaly bad itching down there and i have no ida waht it is. it realy realy anoys me at school cos i cant exacly sit there and itch can i cos its in a bit of an awkward place.

i dont know what to do please help me.

please please its so anoying!


please just sensible answers

and incase its relevant- yes ive started my period, and the itching started about a month ago. and i havent had a period in 2 months..

thankyouItching..i need a cream or something please help- WOMEN ONLY please?
its from shaving try waxing next time xItching..i need a cream or something please help- WOMEN ONLY please?
You are itching because the pubic hair is trying to grow back in. What may happen next is razor bumps and ingrown hairs that will produce pus and bumps. It is not a good idea to shave there. Why are you doing that?

No sex. No STDs for sure. You can't get them without sexual activity.

I recommend warm baths and try some carborated vasoline. The vasoline looks brown. You might even want to try something like Neosporin, to keep the razor bumps from getting infected. Be careful not to get either inside the vaginal walls. Wear cotton panties. Nylon doesn't breathe and the tiny hairs will cling to it and pull; causing more discomfort.

Again, no sex, no pregnancy either. It is normal for a period or two to be delayed in a girl who just started her periods. It takes time for the cycle to be regulated.

Shaving is for the bikini line only. STOP SHAVING all your pubic hair.
its from shaving- i tried shaving but it itched and so i tried to wax it instead- feels a lot better and stays longer too. It may leave red bumps for a day or two but it will be better after.
it sounds like the hair follicles being irritated after shaving.let the hair grow back a little,wash with aqueous cream as it will soothe the itching.
Could be worms or crabs. Make sure to clean that area thoroughly everyday and change underwear everyday.

Look up more on these bugs to see if the symptoms match yours.

About the period, it may take years to become regular. Be patient. Girls may start and have a few then stop until they're 16. I'ts just a weird process.
it sounds like you have thrush ,dont worry ,most women have it at some point in the life ,it nothing to be embarrest about ,all you need to do is go to your logal chemist and get some cream or you can get duo's of cream and tablet .

hope this helps ,good luck and dont worry .xxx
Sounds like you've got thrush hun. It's just something that happens when you wear tight underwear, wash down there with strong scented stuff or you shave (no hair = less protection). You should try vagisil - it stops you from itching. But even better is something called Caniston Duo - this has a pill for the internal infection and some cream to provide instant relive. You should stay away from things wiht vitamin c in them too, try drinking LOTS of water too.

Hope this help.

My wife gets that (she also shaves and does not have an std).

If in the UK go to Boots and get something called ''Intimate Care Feminine Wash'', it's Boots own brand.

Seems to work wonders, she is a much happier woman since using it (and yeah, she used to make me stand in-front of her while she scratched!)

Also, if you have an odour, it helps with that to.

Good luck kid, and trust me, it works.
Try baby oil after shaving, it might help with that. The itching could be from the shaving, and when the hair regrows it does itch.

It could also be a yeast type infection. Try over the counter monistat or something like that. They also have a moist towlette you can use at school to help with the itching.

But if the itching continues too much longer you need to talk to your mom and or go to the doctor
it is most likely to be related to the shaving. its a very sensitive area. regrowth is itchy at the best of time, but if you have ingrown hairs it can be really uncomfortable.
This was caused by you shaving. I was like that when I first started doing it. When I first shaved my legs it itched me like crazy.
Shaving can cause the itching. This is quite common. You could try trimming the hair rather than shaving and you likely wouldn't have the itching. If you still want to shave the area, go to the drugstore and look in the area with the hair removal products. There will be some products there that you can put on after waxing or shaving. This will help stop the itching. But if it continues, you'd be best to just trim the area really short rather than shave it..
Shaving will cause itching. if its actually ..... *inside* then its thrush.
Sorry, Im a guy.

Most likely to be shaving. Stop shaving and wait a week or so, see if it calms down. Try a moisturiser or something.
Why did you shave???Fashion???..who's going to see? Let it grow, It'll get back to normal.
hey, I think you can go to some herpes info site to find more answers . there is a herpes site
If the itching is that bad...then its probably vaginal thrush.You can get canesten vaginal pessaries(tablets) the instruction and use it.It could also be because of shaving...but it should not cause so much itching...trim hair,dont shave.

If all this does not work...ask ur boyfriend if he has any such will then need to see a GP.In an STD there will also be other symptoms like foul smelling vaginal think about it.

I really dont think its something serious,i hope not.
When you shave ';down there';, re-growing hair can be very painful. Try just shaving the edges, on your bikini line.
sounds like you have Thrush

What is thrush?

Vaginal thrush, also called yeast infection or candidiasis, is an overgrowth of yeast that leads to a range of unpleasant symptoms, such as itching and soreness around the vagina. Most women will have thrush at least once during their lives, and many will have more than one episode. But for some women, thrush keeps coming back. Recurrent thrush can affect a woman鈥檚 sex life and self-image, and may be a sign of a more serious health problem. Even if you only have thrush once, it can be extremely uncomfortable. And, if you don鈥檛 know what is happening or why, it can also be very stressful. This online leaflet explains what thrush is, what causes it, how to treat it and what you can do to help prevent it in the future.

Thrush is caused by yeast, already present in the body, which grows out of control. This yeast is almost always Candida albicans, but another, more resistant yeast, Candida glabrata, can also lead to thrush.

Many women, (as well as men and children) carry yeast in and on their bodies without any problems. Yeast usually lives in the intestines, vagina, mouth and skin, where 鈥榝riendly鈥?bacteria help keep yeast levels low. When this balance is disrupted, however, and the yeast is allowed to grow unchecked, it causes havoc in the body.

The vagina is one of the areas most likely to be affected by thrush. Although the vagina is generally too acidic for yeast to grow out of control, it is sensitive to small changes and can easily become an ideal environment for yeast to flourish. Too much yeast irritates the vaginal tissues and this leads to the typical symptoms of thrush.


The telltale signs of thrush include itching, burning, soreness, swelling of the vagina and vulva (outer area of the vagina), and a yeasty-smelling discharge. You may have one symptom or several, and symptoms can range from mild to severe.

Itching and burning

These are the most common symptoms of thrush and often the most distressing. Burning and itching can be so intense it is difficult to resist scratching, but scratching will only make the problem worse.

Soreness, swelling and pain

Thrush irritates the delicate tissue of the vagina and genital area, making it sore, swollen and red. As a result, it may be painful to urinate (urine will sting the inflamed tissue). It may also be painful to have sex. In some cases, anything that touches or rubs the area, including sitting and walking, can be painful.


Discharge caused by thrush is usually (but not always) white and thicker than a woman鈥檚 regular discharge. The 鈥榯ypical鈥?discharge linked to thrush is yoghurt-like in appearance and smells strongly of yeast. Some women, however, have a watery or mild-smelling discharge. The amount can also vary from a little to a lot.

treatment either comes in oral form or cream and is avaiable from chemists and suermarkets
Itching 'inside' could be thrush , you could try natural yoghurt,

itching 'outside' ? razor rash? use a moisturize or baby oil or something....

best thing to do is ask your mum - if thrush there are also things you can take, but at 14, you shoul really talk to an adult before you just try them out.

good luck sweetie!
It's thrush, get some cannesten from the chemist, you can get it in cream form, pessary or a tablet, talk to the pharmacist
You have probably got a shaving rash. Why are you shaving down there anyway, who's going to see it? I wouldn't bother if i were you, you will have all that to deal with when you're older and have a partner, i'd just make the most of being natural and lazy while you can! You may even have thrush, especially if you're using soap/ shower gel for the shaving, it will have upset the pH balance of your vagina, allowing the fungus to grow. Do you have white cheesy discharge? If so it is most likely thrush, and you should get some anti-fungal treatment like a canesten pessary from the chemist. You can also get canesten or other creams which contain mild anaethestics to help with the pain and itching. Hope that helps.

Trust me hun its the shaving! Thats why i stopped shaving down there and started going for the neat trimmed look instead, its alot less painful!!!
It is probibly a ph imbalance that causes the itch... For me it gets really bad the week before my period...

It also helps to add baking soda and salt to your bath tub and soak for a while. Use about 1/4 of a small box of baking soda... It is cheep, under $1.00 a box... and you can't use too much.

Go to your local pharmacy, go to the tampon/feminin care isle, and look for porducts that have Benzocain as the main ingredient.

Benzocain is a topical numbing agent.

Vagicil is one brand...

If you have a Target or Walmart around it is MUCH cheeper then buying from a real pharmacy.

Get the ';Extra Strength'; stuff because you need to use a LOT less and it will last you a lot longer for the same price as the ';Normal'; kind...

The Normal kind is 5% benzocain and the extra strength stuff is 20%.

Each tube (at a pharmacy) is about $6.00 but it is only about $2.00 a tube at Walmart.

Just make sure you don't get a ';Fungicide';. That is for Yeast Infections and you don't have a yeast infection... It won't do anything.

What your talking about is NORMAL... Don't be imbarased...

We ALL get it....
dont panic. firstly dont use perfumed soaps etc. go to the chemist and get canestan as it may well be thrush which is very very common and the bain of a lot of womens lives.

If this diesnt help go to your gp they have seen it all and will not make you feel silly
It sounds to me like it is because of the hairs growing back.

If i was you i would shave the area again and see if it stops until it starts to regrow again.

Another thing you could try is going to Boots and getting some Savlon or another antiseptic skin healing equivilant. It might sting a little at first but it will sooth the itching and promote healing.

Another thing - STOP SCRATCHING IT! :P

I really don't think it is anything serious.

It might be thrush, if it is the inner skin that is itchy and not where your hairs grow. You should eb abe to buy some cream in a chemist without your parents also.
If it is the top of your important little place that itching - that's just the hairs growing back. You would be better to use an elecric shaver like a ladyshave as it really doesn't itch at all when it grows back. Or you could wax - but I wouldn't as it hurts like hell! If you are talking about the undercarriage then it sounds like a couple of things to me. You could have a bout of thrush (which we all get from time to time). Buy some Canestan cream or pessaries it works brilliantly and is available over the counter. Another good cream is Lanacane also very soothing. A good natural remedy is live natural yoghurt which you put onto a tampon and insert. It is so cool and soothing. (A little tip - dont be too warm in that area-cotton undies, and when at home no knickers under your skirt until it's better). All these remedies tried and tested by me. Hope they help!:) Could also be caused by allergy to products such as soap, soap powder, bubble baths. Leave well alone!
You need Canesten cream from the chemist.You have thrush.

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