Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I have vaginal itching that won't go away with creams and experiencing pelvic pain. What could it be?

I am about 99.9% sure that it isn't an STD. I am married and not involved in an affair.My lower pelvic area is hurting not an intense pain just a burning with kind of painful twinges along with itching that keeps going on without any relief from OTC creams for yeast infections. I don't have any discharges or odors down there. Please help!!I have vaginal itching that won't go away with creams and experiencing pelvic pain. What could it be?
Call your doctor. You doctor may be able to diagnose this over the phone, and if not, a quick painless visit will quickly tell you what you have.

It sounds like you have one of three things - a yeast infection, a bacterial infection like vaginitis, or a (sounds unlikely) bladder infection.

If it is vaginities, you some antibiotics will clear it up. If it is a yeast infection, it may be the yeast is not reacting with the creams, and your doctor can prescribe a pill that kills all the yeast cells in your body, and should start to give you relief in one to three days.

It is really easy to get either vaginitis or a yeast infection down there. If your hormones are fluctiating oddly, you are stressed, basically anything that changes the uh, natural flora and fauna, things can start to get out of balance.

So don't worry about a STD. Go to your doctor, and find out what it is. That way if you get these symptoms again you can treat it on your own (if it is a yeast infection). The longer you treat for the wrong thing, the longer you will be uncomfortable. These things aren't any fun! Good luck!I have vaginal itching that won't go away with creams and experiencing pelvic pain. What could it be?
keep it dry and cool place avoid sun light keep it out reach of adults for some days .
I'm 99% sure you'll get rid of the itching. You have this itch probably because of the bacterial build-up in that area.

Change your underwear daily. After urinating, wash your private part off. After you goto the toilet, wash it off instead of wiping it off.
go see a doctor, immediately. you can catch a disease not only from an affair (yours or your husband's), but also by other different ways.
GO C A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY...U MIGHT HAVE AN INTERNAL VAGINAL INFECTION THAT NEEDS TO BE TACKLED WITH IMMEDIATELY OTHERWISE IT CAN WORSEN AND SPREAD....IT MIGHT ALSO BE RELATED TO A TUMOR CONDITION OR A GROWING STEM...PLZ CONSULT A GYNEACOLOGIST THIS V DAY!.....Maybe uve used some kindof hair removing cream etc which is causing the not the expert but i know what it an be related to! the best way to find out is the doc! get well soon! and plz take care!
At first I would say a yeast infection but you say it isn't. I would go to the doctor because I don't know what else it could be.
Try shaving your hairs away, it may be that.

Have you considered your husband may be having an affair?

Try substain from sex with your husband for a bit, and if it goes away, and you have sex again, and it comes back, it may be him.

You should get yourself over to a gynae, it may just be an elergic reaction to a new panty you got or something you eating.
What are you doing asking here? This is your health we are talking about! Most of the people here are teenagers. Maybe you can get some good advice here and I hope that you do, but for heavens sake go to the doctor!!!

I am hesitant to say this and I don't mean to make you feel bad, but just because a woman ';isn't involved in an affair'; doesn't mean that her husband isn't.

He probably isn't and its probably nothing but don't fool around-see a doctor.
Gonnorhea is nothing to clap about. Go to the OBGYN, ASAP. There are alot of STD's that don't have any symptoms for women.
you definitely should see a professional about this, there are so many things it could be there are pelvic inflammatory diseases, it could be an infection that is reoccurring, it could be a coital infection, some women are sensitive after relations with husbands have to be treated, remember women's equipment is delicate needs careful and constant hygeine and care.
it might be a vaginitis it means that your private organ has a bacteria that eats up the wall of your hymen but you said your married it only happen with virgins so the best thing to do is see a doctor.

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