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Can you give me a cream name for the skin infection ';barbers itch';?

HELLLLLLLLLLLpCan you give me a cream name for the skin infection ';barbers itch';?
To prevent further damage to the hair follicles and infection:

*Minimize friction from clothing.

*Avoid shaving the area if possible. If shaving is necessary, use a clean new razor blade or an electric razor each time.

*Keep the area clean.

Avoid reinfection from contaminated clothing and washcloths. Hot moist compresses may promote drainage of extensive folliculitis. Topical antibiotics (Bactroban), oral antibiotics (e.g., dicloxacillin), or antifungal medications may be needed to control the infection.

It all depends if yours is a bacterial or fungal infection. It is better to try topical antibiotics. Consult a dermatologist for better results.

Good luck.Can you give me a cream name for the skin infection ';barbers itch';?
Barber's itch, or Folliculitis barbae as it is medically known, is an infectious *skin disease of the bearded facial areas. Painful pimples develop at the hair follicles, either superficially or in deeper skin layers. In more severe cases, larger knots form and leave scars, and the hair is easily removed.

The cause is either a bacterial or *fungal infection. The bacteria, usually staphylococci, most commonly affect the mustache hair, while the fungus usually affects the bearded hair on the cheeks and chin, and causes a more pronounced inflammation. The fungal infection is particularly contagious through and is passed by sharing towels and razors, while the bacterial infection is most common in people with a chronic runny nose. Multiple ingrown hairs are often confused with barber's itch.

One to three days of juice fasting will help initiate the healing process by flushing harmful bacteria from the body. Follow the fast with raw vegetables and fruits for two to four weeks, or until visible improvement has started, then change to low-salt, vegetarian meals containing raw and cooked vegetables and fruits for another four to eight weeks.

Nutritional Supplements...Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid found in evening primrose oil, is helpful in alleviating a number of skin problems, since it is a vital nutrient. Other important nutrients for the skin are vitamins A, B complex and E.

For any fungal infection, take a supplement containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and other similar friendly bacteria, to fend off candida in the bowel and elsewhere in the body.

Daily Dosages:

* Evening primrose oil, two 500 mg capsules three times daily

* Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU one to two times daily

* Lactobacillus acidophilus combination, 1 tsp. between meals

* Vitamin A, 25,000 IU (avoid during pregnancy)

* Vitamin B complex, 50 mg one to two times daily

Herbal Remedies. Internal and external applications of herbs will remedy the cause of the problem and relieve symptoms, to produce lasting results.

* Soothe aftershave *rash by splashing on witch hazel liquid after shaving.

* Wash the face and beard every two hours with an infusion of horsetail to promote tissue rebuilding.

* To help restore moisture and promote healing, apply calendula ointment and aloe cream daily. Aloe vera gel can be used as a shaving cream on a daily basis and applied to the face before bedtime.

* Support the external applications with an internal cleansing therapy. Combine 3 parts lemon balm, 2 parts stinging nettle, 2 parts camomile, 2 parts peppermint, 4 parts juniper berries, 3 parts echinacea and 1 part thyme. Pour 1 cup boiling water over 2 tsp. of this herbal mix; steep covered for twelve to fifteen minutes and strain. Drink 3 cups daily for three weeks.

* If the barber鈥檚 itch is caused by an allergic *eczema, bathe with camomile, chickweed, horsetail and goldenseal. Dissolve 1 tbsp. of powdered herbs in warm water. After bathing, dry well and then apply ointment of chickweed or olive oil.

* Drink aloe vera juice on a regular basis to prevent skin infections.

* Garlic also combats fungal infections in the body and is available in capsule form.

An experienced homeopath can produce a more thorough treatment to bring about lasting results for chronic problems.

Tissue Salts...Take 4 tablets three times daily under the tongue.

* Silicea restores activity to the skin and aids in the cleansing process. It is the basic nutrient of the skin and hair.

* Nat sulph helps to remove waste from the cells.

* Nat mur provides needed moisture.

External/Physical Therapies

* Rub affected areas with honey or evening primrose oil.

* Apply therapeutic clay poultices for soothing and healing the skin.

Available Brand Name Products: Nutritional Supplements

* Vita Plex Acidophilus (Klaire Laboratories)

* Ultra Prim Evening Primrose Oil (Natural Factors)

Available Brand Name Products: Herbal Remedies

* Horsetail Leaves (Flora)

* Echinacea Tincture (Natural Factors)

* Chamomile Flowers (Nature's Herbs)

* Echinacea-Power (Nature's Herbs)

Available Brand Name Products: External Therapies

* Bentonite Clay, Hydrated (Inno-Vite)

* Lavender Oil (Karooch Essential Oils)

* Sandalwood Oil (Karooch Essential Oils)
Griseofulvin is actually recommended and testified to work. This is a prescription that is usually for other skin infections like athletes foot, but works for barbers itch too. Here's a website more on barbers itch and the cream too. Hope it helps! good luck!

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