Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where can i find itching cream for dogs?

At the Vet. You can get a topical spray called ';Gentocin';. Or you could give your dog benedryl.Where can i find itching cream for dogs?
PET SMART or PET CO or an animal hospital or your vetWhere can i find itching cream for dogs?
I think it is very cruel that you want to put cream on your dogs to make them itchy. I am reporting you to the Humane Society.
go to walmart and get some hydrocortizone cream.
It's better to figure out why your dog is itchy and fix that.

It could be allergic to it's food, it could be infested with fleas, it could even have mange. None of those are cured with itching cream.
i would say not to got to any pet store until first going to your vet first...i'd just stop by a vet and see what he/she recommends (what name brand and manufacturer) and either

A.) go to a pet store to see if they carry it

B.) try googleing it and purtace from manufacturer to see if you can buy it with a low cost

C.) buy it from your vet.
My vet told me once to use over the counter itching cream that I would buy for myself..

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