Thursday, December 31, 2009

Even though I've put on the yeast infection cream, it still itches..?

I was just it supposed to or is it supposed to rid me of the itch as soon as it's on?Even though I've put on the yeast infection cream, it still itches..?
Ideally, the cream or vaginal suppositories start killing the infection immediatelly. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. As long as the yeast colony is alive and reproducing there's going to be some invasion into the vaginal mucosa - and itching/burning. Check the package for the expected efficiency of the product, some claim to work in 7, 5, 3, or 1 day. Even the 1-day product takes 6-12 hours before you'll start to notice relief. If you've used the cream for it's specified length, and it hasn't worked, go see your doctor. It's possible you have another type of infection, or contracted a more resistant strain. Either way, she'll be able to prescribe something stronger that should help.

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OddEven though I've put on the yeast infection cream, it still itches..?
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the cream itself does not take care of the least not right away. takes about a day for it to stop as the yeast starts to die...just deal with it it should be done by the time everyone answers this question.
plain yogurt put it on yourself and take acidophilus tablets
First you should see a doctor and have a culture taken to be sure it is a yeast infection. Over the counter stuff just doesn't always do the trick. It could also be a hormonal problem. If you are low in estogen that can be very nasty and cause much discomfort, eg the itch. If it is a homonal problem it will not go away by itself you will need estrogen cream or tablets, inserted vaginally. This is a very distressing problem and needs a doctors care. Good luck and please don't let it go on, go see your doc.
Try yoghurt. I'm not sure if you eat it, or apply it. Either way is cool.
sometimes it takes a few days for the itch to go away depending on how severe the infection is.

good luck
Give it some more time. It takes about a week to get rid of a yeast infection. The medicine should relieve the itching within 2-3 days, but continue to use the medicine. Good luck, I know it's no fun.
I once had a yeast infection and the itching lasted for quite some time but with use of the cream it went away. The itching i would say lasted ofr about two weeks and the cream took about 5-10 minutes to work. This was a while ago though probably the mid 90s i'm not sure if there are better products. If you are really worried your best bet is to go to a doctor to clear things up for you.
sometimes it may take a little while.

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