Thursday, December 31, 2009

Question about vagisil itching cream. Please answer?


I was wondering, is vagisil only for the outer parts, or can I apply it at most a few inches into the entrance? I did have irriation on the outside and vagisil worked wonders but I'm now experiencing a little bit of itching just a few inches in? Is it alright to apply in this area?

I know it says for external use only, but does that just mean don't eat it? lmao

Thanks!Question about vagisil itching cream. Please answer?
HAHA you can put some up to an inch in.. Don't just start squirting the whole bottle up there!! They say external b/c they don't want any really soaking into the blood stream.. As long as it's a little in, and only a little ointment, your fine.

beware, it may sting a little!Question about vagisil itching cream. Please answer?
no dont put it inside... its only for the outer... it burns so bad if you put it inside omg... good luck.. just get the vagisil powder and when you're itching dont scratch it just leave it alone..
i always put it inside.

nothing really happens to me.

but i think it does get a little irritated cos i then produce more discyharge than what i normally have.
If you're itching that much, please go see your doctor or gyn. Sounds like an infection to me--eg. yeast. Or if your panties are nylon, not cotton, that can cause itching too. But get checked out!

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