Thursday, December 31, 2009

My girlfriend vegina is itching her she want to know what cream or medicine can stop it .?

it pains her when she use bathroom and there is no discharge.My girlfriend vegina is itching her she want to know what cream or medicine can stop it .?
clotrimazol and...yes, yogurt. two days...itch and burning are gone.My girlfriend vegina is itching her she want to know what cream or medicine can stop it .?
She may have a yeast infection, so she needs to see the doctor right away. I know of no cream or meds that can be used in the ';vagina'; for an itching problem.
First of all, it is a VAGINA. With pain during urination and a severe itch, she might have a Urinary Tract Infection. This does not sound like a plain yeast infection that can be ';cured'; with over the counter creams and other products.

If this is a Urinary Tract Infection the symptoms would be: always feeling like you need to urinate but you don't and it is PAINFUL. The itch is just a bonus. DO NOT ITCH and SCRATCH as this will only inflame the problem. One and a very good remedy is CRANBERRY JUICE - 100% Ccranberry juice. Not juicy juice or packets of juice. Bottles of CRANBERRY JUICE and drink at least 8 ounces every hour! This is an old home-remedy and it works.

However, she should really go to a Gynecologist or ';woman's clinic'; and be properly diagnosed.

My sympathies, been there had that, and good health!
She needs to see an MD if it hurts or burns when she pees. A cream will not cure it.
She most probably has a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection. She should see a gynocolgist (doctor for ladies). In the meantime she should try some over the counter medications like Monistat --she may need an antibiotic and if she does she should be eating yogurt for some side effects of antibiotics. In the meantime--no sex.
Vagisil will work if its just an itch. If it still itches after that, then she may have a Yeast Infection, in which case she needs Monistat or something.
use prepararetion H the is the name od the cream,get some medicine for the the cream does not help.
She can use Bactroban Cream or she can get a leaf from a aloe vera plant.
she could have a bacterial infection or yeast tell her to get it check i know its a pain but they can tell you right away.And give her somthinhg to ease the itch or pain.
could be an std like herpes or crabs..yeast infections usually come with discharge..i would tell her to go to the doctor!
She needs to go the doctor asap for a diagnosis as these symptoms could mean a variety of things.
vagisil is a temp fix. She should really go the dr though. It could be more serious than a yeast infection
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