Thursday, December 31, 2009

I keep itching down below? and a cream discharge?

I keep itching down below, it gets worse at night times. and it becomes really saw and hurts when i got to wee. im 16 and i am not sexually active. i dont no what it could be. please helpI keep itching down below? and a cream discharge?
It sounds as though you have an could be a urine infection but if you go to the doctor or see the nurse in the practise they should be able to give you something to sort it out !!!!I keep itching down below? and a cream discharge?
You have a yeast infection that can easily be cured by over the counter meds like Monistat. I prefer the 3 day treatment called monistat 3. I really cures it in 3 days.

Sounding by you symptoms it may have turned into a bladder infection. Treat it with the monistat right away, like today, and if you are still burning when you wee after that you will need to see a doctor for antibiotics.

There are many reasons why you could have gotten it. If you have been on some antibiotics within the past three months it could cause it, or if you sweat a lot recently down there, or if you just have been wearing tight clothes in the heat, or sweat a lot when you sleep.

It is very common and nothing to worry about, but you need to tell a parent about it so they can know what is going on. Especially if you end up needing to go to the doctor, the parent will need to know what it had progressed from.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
probably just yeast can go to walgreen/Longs drugs and buy an over-the-counter cream for should disappear within several days...if not, ask you parents to see an OBGYN for checkup to make sure its nothing more than an infection.

wash yourself with soap and water after using the restroom. avoid using heavy scented soap to wash yourself, if you can, use ivory or dove soap.

sometimes when it hurts to pee, you might just have an urinary infection or bladder infection...avoid drinking sodas at this time and drink lots of water and it should go away within a week

You probably have a yeast infection. you don't necessarily need to be sexually active, you can get it because of several factors such as humidity, tight clothes; You also need to wear cotton underwear not nylon. Buy yourself Monistat 7 or I think they have other new ones. But don't be scared it will go away.
It's an infection, i 'm sure because i had it too. It's nothing serious. Can happen all the time/ PE you 've been taking antibiotics or have been ill recently.

In Europe you can buy ';DAKTARIN'; without prescription at the pharmacist's. It comes in salve, unguent or in little egg shaped dragees that you have to insert...there. It cleans the fungal infection, sooths skin and stops the itching.

If problems persist, go to your doctor and ask her what to do.
hiya it sounds like a yeast infection also know as thrush or candida if you speak to the pharmacist they will recommend something for you to clear it up, i had an oral medication when i had it a few months ago and within 2 days of taking the pill it had gone. i know its extreemly unpleasant but easily sorted
Sounds like a yeast infection, they aren't a big deal. But if you want to make sure, Vagisil makes an over the counter test for yeast, vaginitis, and UTI's. you may want to invest in one of those just to make sure. i think all you have to do is pee on it. and all of those illnesses can be cured otc, or just a trip to the doc for some antibiotics.
you should tell your mum and get a doctor involved (even though its embaressing!!) its not anything serious like HIV or AIDS so dont worry.

just get it checked out and get some medication . it will soon clear up.

otherwise it might just be thrush so try canesten duo
Most likely its a yeast infection.You can get all kinds of things at your local drug store to help with it.Good luck!=)
Sounds like yeast infection. It will go away with treatment. Call your gyno and make an appointment.
Thrush, which is a yeast infection.

Go to a chemist and buy some cannestan.
It's probably a yeast infection. Go to the store, get some Monistat cream, and see a doctor if it doesn't go away.
It's most likely some kind of infection. Go to a doctor or parental unit. They'll help you out.
Try caneston Cream, and will help you.
Cover it in natural yoghurt. Don't use a muller fruit corner.
thats probably a yeast infection.... you should get it checked from your doctor..
sounds like yeast. tell your mom and go to the doctor.
Sounds like thrush
hummm... nothing to be ashamed about; sometimes when people shave down there it itches...
see a doctor... good luck
you prolly masturbate with dirty hands and now you have some sort of rash
Sounds like a yeast infection....get vagisil or monistat.
well it mite just be crabs lol

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