Saturday, December 26, 2009

Topical cream to heal jock itch?

My spelling is incorrect, but the active ingredient I'm looking for is menazoine? nitrate 2%Topical cream to heal jock itch?
It's called...wash your dick.Topical cream to heal jock itch?
It is important to keep that area dry too. Try talc powder after showering. There are preparations with those medications u mentioned in talcum powders too.
Neem oil and Turmeric oil will clear it up in a week or so. However, turmeric oil will stain everything (including skin) yellow. However that does let you know that you have covered the afflicted area. Massage the oils in until your skin is smooth and silky.
Try creams from the Candid B line. I'm not sure if you meant miconazole nitrate 2% but i know some yeast infection creams have that ingredient.

Ask your local pharmacist, i'm sure you'll get something to ease your discomfort quickly.

best wishes
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