Thursday, December 31, 2009

What can i use temporarily for my childs chicken pox itching or creams ?

that i can use for tonite until the morning when i take her to the dr and if she has a full sleep suit on do i have to worry about spreading it to others or is this fine i mean like blankets pillows and what notWhat can i use temporarily for my childs chicken pox itching or creams ?
I would put sox on her hands so she doesnt itch them. and just reassure her to try not to scratch them. Give her a bath in oatmeal (I cant remember if baking soda helped too or not) but you want something that will sooth the itching like calamine lotion. I dont think you would need to take her to the dr unless it gets really bad. Just get something for the itch and keep her home. Unless you really want to pay a doc that is gonna maybe tell you the same thing or give you some script for the itch that you could have bought over the counter anyway. Because chicken pox are a virus the doc usually wont give anything to your child such as antibiotics. But he will if your child scratches them and the sores become infected. Just keep her home and make sure she doesnt scratch The other thing is feed her some bland food nothing to acidic cause she may have them in her mouth as well.What can i use temporarily for my childs chicken pox itching or creams ?
If you have Calamine Lotion or Hydrocortisone maybe it would maybe help with the itching. It's what I put on mine. I also took a bath in oatmeal and it felt pretty good. I'm not sure about the full body suit thing. I would still wash everything afterwards just in case.
Oatmeal. It will get on the sheets, but it won't stain them or anything. Wet some in a sock and use the paste that drips out. If she's showing spots, then she's pretty much over the contagious phase, that happens before they start to show spots. I would keep any other kids you have out of the room, but they've probably already been exposed.
If you don't have aveeno bath soak take some plain oatmeal and have her soak it feels really soothing I would wash every thing with hot water often I think it should be followed up with Calamine lotion and give her some benadryl for peaceful sleep.
Calamine lotion is good, give them a Acetaminophen and pleanty of rest should do.
calamine lotions help with itching.
aveeno oatmeal bath, and keep the others away but chances are they will end up with it too.
oatmeal baths.

just put oatmeal in a tub of hot water.

It sounds weird, but it'll sooth her skin.
Have them take a warm bath with baking soda in it it will work promise!

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