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I have eggzuma and the cream hurts the eggzuma whont stop iching it been itching all night what should i do?

i keep iching it i cant stop the cream hurts when i put it on what shuold i do?I have eggzuma and the cream hurts the eggzuma whont stop iching it been itching all night what should i do?
i had it and now im ok

first of all you need to go for a checkup with a doctor

then u can get a right drug for ur allergy (eczema is a kind of allergy)

i recommand u a book

here is the link in鈥?/a>

i read this book and it was helpfull....

also a kind of drugs like ';loratadin'; or ';kelmastin'; can give help to u but the most usefull and very good treatment is using injections such az teriamsinolon groups once a under this treatment and thats cool

but first consoult with ur doctorI have eggzuma and the cream hurts the eggzuma whont stop iching it been itching all night what should i do?
i also have exima on my arms well i showed it to the doctor or use the benadryl cream it worked. :D
I don't know if you are using your prescribed cream to help eczema or if you are using an itch cream. I suggest using a cream to help stop the itch. They make spray to stop the itch too.
eggzuma haha.
Sarna you can get it at a pharmacy. It's the only thing we found to stop the itching for our 5 year old grand daughter. It doesn't burn going on either! A little expensive, but it works. Also, cold/wet compresses work short term too.
Eggzuma sounds really bad...maybe you mean eczema.
that happened to me when i was younger turned out that i was alergic to the cream...i then got steroid cream and that heeled it straight away and i have'nt had it since but it has to be prescribed by the doctor so i would advise you to go there:)
I used to have egzema as well, and I suggest going to the dermatologist for it. They will give you a cream to help it go away. Wear long sleeves and pants to keep yourself from itching it as well.
learn to spell
It is eczema.
I used to have eczima but i grew out of it but i used to use aqueous cream you could get a big tube of it also i never done this but apparently it works - you can have a hot bath with oats in. I hope you get betta
ezcema shouldn't be scratched lightly tap it if you want but it only makes it worse, the cream will sting but thats a good sign
I Really Don't Know Why . I Have It To I Usually Put Vaseline On Mine...
this is weird but carmex worked on mine.
Accupuntue is helping my psoriasis. Weird but results are good
It is itching because there is no cream that treats eggzuma. It is eczema, don't you wish you didn't drop out of high school.
I had eczema several years ago and like you had problems with the cream the dr gave me. I finally got some old fashion udder balm (found at Wal Mart or a farm store) and used it. It really helped with the irritation. It comes in a green tin.
Eczema can drive you nuts, been there done that. What has worked wonderful for me over the years is a creme called Hydrocortisone Cream 1% and available in any drugstore. Buy the generic version (store brand) also with ';Plus 12 Moisturizers'; at a Rite Aid store brand, its less expensive.

Put a dab on the spot as soon as you dry off from a shower and rub it in. Your skin is much more pliable and soft after a shower. Also put it on just before you go to bed at night.

3 days and you'll start to see it heal. If you use it consistantly and it does not go away then its time to see a Dermatologist. (skin doctor)

PS Do NOT buy any soap products or any bath soaking products, they will dry out your skin and make it worse.
You should go to a doctor so you can advice on what to do, and find a better cream that doesn't hurt
I have it too....its summer so if the suns out you should be to as it helps clear it up. Try and not scratch it and if you NEED to then try and rub it or not stick your nails to far in. Moursterise every night with a non scented mosteriser. It will be soore at first but after about 10days it will help
Wear clothes that keep you 4rm stracthing it go to cvs or where ever and buy avenno no itch cream its n a blue ans cream colored tube if you start useing that it should help your itch also buy the avenno soap bar the box should be around the same color as the tube if the avenno products don't work try cepetcul I think thsts how u spell it but the jar is lyk a shinny light tan color and the label is light green and blue there products also work good but may bry out your skin so don't over use
i also, honestly have exema. Do you have prescription cream? You should go to a dermatologist. It will burn at first but it will heal, you have to restrain yourself
you scratch it...
First of all STOP scratching - or the itch-scratch cycle will not stop (yes there really is such a thing!)

make sure your cream is steroid based - like hyderm or betaderm (do not use on face) at at least 1% hydrocortisone.

It will take a couple days for that to start working on the eczema after you STOP scratching so you can combat the itch in the meantime by using benadryl tabs - or the generic and less expensive pills called diphenhydramine.

All available OTC

Good Luck!
Hahahah EGGZUMA. Typical spelling mistake.

Maybe your using the wrong cream. Sometimes when you put the cream it itches a lot more then it all goes away after a while. that happens with me sometimes.
Maybe when you went to the doctor to complain about eggzuma, he thought you meant eczema, and gave you the wrong cream. Call him and demand eggzuma cream.
my name is michelle and i also have should put on the cream and to cool off the area, put on baby powder...or any other type of powder..
Get some muslin or something similar and wrap a couple of handfuls of porridge oats in the muslin. Run a bath with the bag of oats under the water. Have a bath :)

The oats are excellent for nourishing and moisturising the skin.
First of all, it's spelled eczema. You don't say what kind of creme you're using. Lanacort, or some kind of cortisone creme helps and doesn't hurt. What hurts is the open sores that have been scratched. Try using Antibiotic ointment at bed time and cover it, then use the creme in the morning The ointment will help heal the sores. I've gotten eczema on my hands. Anytime I handle tomatoes (except Roma's) I get it.
whatever you do, don't scratch it

its going to itch, just try to ignore it. Put the cream on, but when your not using it put aloe vera gel on you hands, some people say it sooths it. Peppermint oil works too.

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