Saturday, December 26, 2009

I am having an allergic reaction to my sutures-any remedies besides benedryl cream that can relieve this itch?

I had a surgery on my stomach a week ago. The inside stiches-turns out I am allergic to them. I have 3 places with stitches and they itch soo bad plus I have hives on my stomach and tongue! I have been putting benedryl cream on them for 2 days and taking benedryl pills at night but the only relief I get is from icing them non stop. Has anyone gone through this and know how to help relieve this itching! Help!! and yes, I have seen the Dr today and he confirmed its the sutures and suggested the beneydrl cream, however it isn't relieving the massive itching and red swollen incisions. I am looking for maybe a home remedy or something someone tried that was effective for relieving the itching until they dissolve and this nasty thing goes away. Any advice is appreciated. Thank youI am having an allergic reaction to my sutures-any remedies besides benedryl cream that can relieve this itch?
Benedryl is a topical anesthetic. The other thing you can get without a prescription is a cream containing a little hydrocortisone. This is a steroid. It has a different action from an anesthetic. So in theory you can try both.

Because you have hives, a more severe reaction to an allergen, your doctor is probably hesitating to prescribe a strong steroid medication, as some people are allergic to them. (That would be just your luck.)

Anything that will irritate the nerves actually works because the sensors for itching are the same as the ones for pain. If the incision is already irritated, alcohol will cause stinging, which is better than itching. Witch hazel is also used in my part of the world.

Ice reduces the sensitivity of the nerves. The problem with ice is that it also reduces the blood flow, which slows down the healing. It's OK for poison ivy, less OK for incisions.

You can try a regular oral antihistamine. (Benadryl oral is one of them, and it contains different chemicals depending on whether you are in the US or UK). Most of them make you sleepy, so take it at bedtime. If this one isn't working, there are others. We are not trying to second-guess your doctor, though.

Some itching and swelling is part of healing, even without allergy. Diverting your attention is the best way to deal with it. Hold an ice cube in your hand and concentrate on how it feels. Now put it down and concentrate on how it FELT. What you are doing is redirecting your attention. You have to keep working at it. Remember, it is your brain that is relaying the sensation of itching.

That's my bag of tricks! Good luck!

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