Thursday, December 31, 2009

I have a terrible itching in my vagina. I am pregnant. I use Monistat cream but it became worse?

1-What is the problem and What should I do?

2-is there anything especial in market for washing vagina? I always see some whiteness inside of my vagina.I have a terrible itching in my vagina. I am pregnant. I use Monistat cream but it became worse?
you may have a yeast infection. You may like a lot of sugar, but sugar feeds the yeast growth, so does white flour.

Boric acid does wonders for that as far as externally goes. Building your immune system with healthy foods that support and combat diseases is a good way to go. Raw Garlic and Onions are yeast killers and are safe for Moms. Also eating Nutritional yeast helps replenish the b vitamins that the ';Candida yeast'; tends to eat away. Stress can cause this also so try and relax. Take a walk. Take a shower, (but not a bath). Get a massage. Get enough sleep. Go swimming in the ocean. (the salt water is great).I have a terrible itching in my vagina. I am pregnant. I use Monistat cream but it became worse?
it sounds like a yeast infection. have you tried the monistat more than once cause it can burn the first couple of times you use it. if you have tried treating a yeast infection and it still doesn't go away then go see the dr.
If Monistat isn't working, you might want to try eating yogurt with active cultures; this may help boost the vaginal ';fauna'; that helps keep the yeast (which is always present in small numbers) in check. You could also try a vinegar-and-water douche; you can mix it yourself, or you can buy it at any drugstore. If that also doesn't work, then it's time to see your doctor.
If not a yeast could be an STD. Def have a dr. run the gauntlet of STD tests.
Sounds like you spend too much time analyzing yourself. Please see a doctor and remember that is an area that needs to be kept clean
Is this your first pregnancey? Most women get a some of the same symtoms with each pregancy. But when you are pregnant you can expect almost anything to happen with your body because it is going through so many changes. This is usually when women find out when something is going on with their body like diabetes,std's and things like that. You will just have to speak with your obstetrician. (doctor)
inject yogurt directly into the vagina this will bring quick relief be sure it says live active culters this will be effective if it's yeast if not see your gyno
Might be a yeast infection, but I would see the doctor, since you are pregnant.
stop using monistat

you probably have a yeast infection, and you should consult a doctor

dont worry, i wont hurt your baby
Firstly, you should tell your OBGYN about any vaginal changes during pregnancy.

Secondly, you should NEVER use a douche or similar protect to wash out your vagina! Your body produces bacteria that keeps your vagina healthy, and using douches kill the bacteria and can cause yeast infections.

Just go see your OBGYN. It's very important when you're pregnant to let them know about ANYTHING like this.
There is a natural balance of yeast and bacteria in the body. During pregnancy because of the changes to your body, it is common for one or the other to get off balance. If Monistat did not treat it or made it worse, it is likely that you have a bacterial imbalance, or bacterial vaginosis. It is not serious, but you will need a prescription to treat it. Since you are pregnant, I recommend seeing your OBGyn, as some untreated infections can cause issues in the pregnancy if they are not resolved.

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