Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best itch relief cream for dogs.?

Mu dog has a swollen itchy ear and right away in the moring im taking her to the vet. What is a good OTC cream I could put on her ear so she quits itching it until she can be seen by the vet??? thanksBest itch relief cream for dogs.?
Neosporin will help if it is the result of something external, and it won't hurt her. You can also dab a little apple cider vinegar (external or internal) -- she might yelp a little as it is likely to sting a bit, but once the sting subsides it WILL help reduce the itching (I use vinegar on my cats and the dogs ALL the time, especially on the bee stings, bug bites, and scratches!). Vinegar is also an antiseptic.

ADDED: Try and get your dog to drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 2 cups water. If she refuses (probably will), put a few drops in a small bit of food, or rub a few drops of vinegar on th inside of your dog's mouth. If the swelling is as the result of a chemical imbalance (such as a yeast infection) the vinegar will help balance her system's pH, and this might give her a little relief). Do take your dog to the vet, as ear problems can escalate and be very dangerous and damaging if not handled in time.

Good luck!Best itch relief cream for dogs.?
Nothing will likely work, as this is probably a yeast +/- bacterial infection, and there are no effective medications to use at home. Anyway, it won't take effect immediately, and she will most likely keep scratching.
you can use the same ointments on dog or human ,

it might be only bacterias , so try : Polysporin

if the itch stop and the ear seem to be better tomorrow, you might not need to go to the VET. Just keep the ear clean and apply some antibacterial ointment.... Any liquid with an IODINE base would also help.
Neosporin will not help with the itch. You need to get hydrocortisone cream. you can get any brand. Benadryl makes a brand of it i believe. it'll say 'anti-itch' right on the package.

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