Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can i put Aveena Anti-itch cream on my tattoo??

my tattoo is healing and has been peeling but its itching like CRAZY. can i put Aveeno Anti itch cream on it? its the calamine and pramoxine HCI cream with natural colloidal oatmeal. can i?Can i put Aveena Anti-itch cream on my tattoo??
i dont recomend it. i think u hould stick with what they gave u. otherwise they woulda told u what else u can use. the speacial tat cream helps the healing along, keeps it from infection and locks int the colour and your not going to get that if u use something not for tattoo's play it very safe, this is ink in ur skin here, its still fresh and sensitive. stick with ur tattoo cream.Can i put Aveena Anti-itch cream on my tattoo??
isn't there something better? i 4got what it is called but it's like a balm for dogs or something? that's supposed to be better for the tattoo...i really can't remember what it's called right now...
I would play it safe and use what they told you to use. That stuff might affect the ability for your skin to hold good color until it heals. I always just used the lubriderm fragrance free lotion.
having 4 tattoos and lots of bad experience id say use use Bephanthene creme-the light blue one-. you can find one in any pharmacy. just dont overdo it since it will soften the scabs and delay healing
I used the Nivea cream in the small blue can. It is a miracle cream! My tattoo did not peel or itch, I would highly recommend it! Good luck!
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