Friday, December 18, 2009

Has anyone ever used vagisil anti itch cream?

I bought some Vagisil- it smells really chemically, like it smells when you get your hair permed. I had bought some store brand anti-itch creme before and it didnt smell (or if it did it was a really mild scent.)

Is this normal? Has anyone noticed this before?

I did get the maximum strength.

Ps- I dont want to get suggestions of what else to try. I already spent 4 bucks on this and want to know if it is safe!Has anyone ever used vagisil anti itch cream?
I have used this, and it burned. I think it made my irritation worse. When I went to the gynecologist she told me to never use that product, as it covers up the real problem, and also is really harsh on girl parts. I don't recall a strong smell from the cream, but I recall the horrible burning! I would suggest using just a tiny bit, and be ready to wash it off if it hurts....seriously.....I think that stuff was made by a man. ha ha.

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