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How can you stop a bee sting from itching if you have no itch cream?

i got stung by a bee a few days ago and my whole finger where got stung swelled up and turned red, etc. well since yesterday it has not stop itching and i need some kind of relief! i am going crazy, i don't have any itch cream or anything, please any help i would be extremely greatful!How can you stop a bee sting from itching if you have no itch cream?
I know this sounds crazy, but meat tenderizer works! I'm tellin ya. It also makes the redness and swelling go down too. Also try baking soda if that doesn't work, or calamine lotion or toothpaste.

~Good Luck~How can you stop a bee sting from itching if you have no itch cream?
dab ammonia, or vinegar and baking soda.
If you want to prevent sting then you should rub your arms and legs (or whatever is exposed) with a dryer towel and if you got stung then mix a paste of water and baking soday or just toothpaste and put it on the stinf it works like a charm...
U can take an antihistamine (cough syrup, decongestant medicine) they help with itchiness. Also, try a cool/cold damp compress.

Good luck!
make up a baking soda and water to make paste and apply to area
spray it with wd-40 and when you got stung you should have sprayed it then and you would not be itching now.
I would suggest aloe vera. If u have a plant then use the juice from that. It is a old people remedy.
well try what I do for masquito bites, try making an x on the sting with ur finger should do the trick

like press once enough to feel it, and then do it opposite
mud! i swear it helps if you can find it!
this may sound sick but it works for all kinds of stings and it will kill the swelling also!!

tobacco juice. just rub on location of sting and wipe off.

works everytime. it sure takes the pain away!!! and quickly.
make a paste with meat tenderizer and coat the sting site...
Wet cigarette tobacco to make a paste. It takes the sting out. Old Tennessee remedy.
Mix up some cornstarch and water to make a paste and put some where the sting was. Cover with bandage. Cornstarch will pull the poison out.
Try rubbing an ice cube over the area for 30 seconds, or soak the finger in cold water. Avoid heat on that finger; that will cause the histamines to be released and the itching will get worse.

Benadryl helps treat itching.

If the finger remains red and swollen, you should see a doc or Nurse Practitioner to make sure you don't have an infection.
If you have baking soda in the house, make a thick paste of baking soda and water and apply the paste all over your finger in a thick layer. Wrap the finger in gauze or cloth and leave it for a few hours, it should help the itching %26amp; swelling.
Do you have any meat tenderizer? My nephew got stung by a wasp and I put the tenderizer on a wet paper towel and then on top of the sting and it took the pain and itch out of it. Try it, it can't hurt. Also try soaking it in baking soda in warm water. Mix the soda up until it is a paste and put it on the finger and see if that helps. Baking soda works for chicken pox and measles.
try putting a wet asprin on the area that was stung.
hot sauce is supposed to take away itching. I think I heard onions and milk help too...
This sounds really goofey, but I heard that if you cut an onion, and place it on the sting, I should relieve the itching. Personally? Never tried it. If you have any benadryl tablets you can take that too. It is an antihistamine which helps with itching.

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