Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is there an over the counter anti itch cream that my dog can use?

My dog has flea bites and can't stop scratching! The shampoo doesn't help, and we need a better remedy! PLEASE HELP!!!Is there an over the counter anti itch cream that my dog can use?
Try a bath in an oatmeal shampoo for dogs.Is there an over the counter anti itch cream that my dog can use?
You need to get rid of the fleas with Advantage or Frontline. Shampooing won't stop the flea life cycle and a flea infestation can be really harmful over the long term. If it is flea dermatitis you really need to get rid of every single flea. Dogs can start losing their fur to flea dermatitis. I adopted a dog that was almost completely bald due to flea dermatitis with terrible sores on his skin. And the allergy was something we dealt with the rest of his life. Just one flea and he would start losing his hair again.

If cost is a problem you can at least get the flea treatments through 800 petmeds or something. The over-the-counter stuff won't quite do the job so if you spend your money on anything spend it on Frontline or Advantage.

And fleas can and will bite humans transferring disease. For your own comfort and safety they should be eliminated.
To get rid of the fleas on your dog bathe her/him with Dawn dish detergent. That will kill the fleas that are on her/him.

Get rid of all bedding. I'd burn it if possible. You may have to bomb the house to get rid of what is inside. They say that for each one flea you see there are 500 more hiding.




any of the anti itch creams or sprays made for itching. Even hemmroide(sp) meds relieve itching %26amp; burning.
My favorite anti-itch cream is ';tea tree cream';. Also comes in a spray.

Children's Benadryl was also recommended by my vet.

However, if the dog has (or had) fleas, if you did not treat the house, the problem will just keep recycling itself.

Treat your dog monthly with Zodiac, Sentinel, Frontline, etc, etc...so that the cycle gets broken....BUT UNTIL THE HOUSE is free of fleas....it will never happen...

Try Premise 2000 (made by Zodiac) and spray the house. I use this in my grooming shop when there are dogs that come in with fleas and I HAVE NEVER brought home fleas to my 4 dogs (thank God!)

Good luck
Get frontline and use it for 3 consecutive months, your dog will get rid of the fleas. He probably has flea allergy dermatitis. Shampoo's don't work because you end up washing it off at the end of the bath.
hydrocortisone use sparingly though, can also give children's benadryl Good Luck
hydrocortisone creme- 1%

Benadryl tabs

super ivy dry (not large areas of skin)
Well first it'd help if you got rid of the fleas! Get some Frontline or a good brand like that.

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