Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Summers eve v.s vagisil itch cream for vagina please help....?

ok ive been haveing itch down there went to doctor today and i had nothing at all ,so i usally use vagisil itch cream but i used

summers eve and it burned me ,i had to take it off and it still kinda burns ,which one is better and has this happen 2 you beforeSummers eve v.s vagisil itch cream for vagina please help....?
ooch... it does burn sometimes. i haven't tried summers eve, but have tried vagisil and it burnt like crazy. i normally use the off brand for about 4.00 and it works wonders. it will also burn some, but not as bad. however, if you can take it for about 5 min. the burning should soon stop.

i suggest to NOT use any soaps or gels right before using these creams as the perfumes/dyes can irritate you more.

also, certain soaps/gels have perfume/dyes in them, so this maybe where the problem is generating from. try soap that is perfume/dye free or for sensitive skin like dove.

i'm not sure if your dr checked you for a yeast infection, but this could also be the problem.

don't scratch, i know it's hard to not do sometimes, but if you scratch, you could open the skin up and this will burn more. if this is a must, then try rubbing real hard with a wash clothe to soothe the itch.Summers eve v.s vagisil itch cream for vagina please help....?
I would use vagisil, but I don't understand how the doctor didn't find anything...sounds strange to me, I might get a second opinion on that one. One more point I want to make, if you are going to douche, the best is warm water and vinegar. It is natural and won't give you a yeast infection the way some ';flowery'; douches can.
if it is an external itch it could be a yeast infection on the skin ,it can happen from having to much moisture in that area( some people can get itchy skin under there breast ) you need to keep the area as dry as possible . Some women even use a blow dryer (on a low setting ) down there after they get out of the shower .You should not use anything that has a pretrolium base be cause it will trap the moisture that you want to get rid of . You should also wear cotton under garments ,and stay away from any perfums or body washes that have a scents to them . Some people have reactions to new laundry detergents ( especially scented ones ) or dryer sheets .You may not get itchy on other parts of your body ,but that area has very sensitive skin. If you need to use something for the itching you could try lotrozone cream for diaper rash or hydrocorisone cream
Discontinue using it. You are probably just having an allergic reaction to it. Take a warm shower and wash that area real good and reapply a cream that works better. It is good to go without panties and let that area air out if you can during the night or just light cotton panties with nothing tight across that area. You may want to consider using toilet wipes for a bit until it clears up.
Use a mild soap that contains Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca alternifolia). Look at a health food store. The company named Melaleuca makes a great, soothing douche. The only problem is the products are sold like Tupperware. You may be able to find Melaleuca products on EBay. Never apply pure Tea Tree Oil to sensitive areas, it is too strong.

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