Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What is a good anti-itch cream?

I have about 30 bed bug bites all over my body and they are driving me crazy! Does anyone know of a good anti-itch cream or any other remed)?What is a good anti-itch cream?
Get Maximum strength cream from Cortaid, it works really good it not only helps the itching but help heal the bitesWhat is a good anti-itch cream?
tiger balm
tiger balm
Hydrocortisone cream is good. And I know it's really hard, but don't scratch the bites because this can cause infection and make you more likely to have scars later.
The best I've ever used is Caladryl lotion. It's like calamine lotion but has an antihistamine in it. I've used it for years. Good luck.

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