Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anti-itch cream in the eye? Chemical Burn?

Two weeks ago I put bug bite - anti-itch cream on (Gold Bond) and accidentally must have gotten some in my eye because the next thing I know it's burning and feels all menthally. It's been red and sore ever since...but I thought it would go away on its own. Well tonight it's really hurting..enough I can't sleep...I feel like I've just been punched in the eye...it's making my stomach hurt...and giving me a headache. Any suggestions? Should I go in to the doc? Will it go away on its own? Anybody else been as stupid as I am? Help!!Anti-itch cream in the eye? Chemical Burn?
Definitely go to the doctor. Call the Emergency room at the hospital or urgent care tonight. They can tell you what steps to take right now. Tell them exactly what's bothering you. The pain in the eye, what you think you put in it, the stomach discomfort, the headache, and the redness and soreness.

I realize an eye irritation can be bad. The big problem with it is that your natural reflex is to blink, and that's going to irritate your condition even more.

I've scratched my cornea twice and had a very bad time of it.

And yeah, it was dumb alright, I scratched my right eye twice and the same way too, just waking up and starting to rub my eye and sticking my thumb in it. Two different times, over a year apart. So, on the dumb scale, I think I've got you beat.

And the treatment was successful and the pain went away.

Don't be shy about describing your symptoms to the nurse or doctor over the phone, they're professionals, they've heard most of it before and the more they know, the better they can tell you what is needed.Anti-itch cream in the eye? Chemical Burn?
Honey, before you put anything in your eye it has to be recomended by a doctor, even if it is something over the counter, cause even stuff over the counter can be bad. Call your doctor and ask... Please?!? I think you should go to the emergency room or maybe wash you eyes with plenty of warm water! Hope it goes away!!!

Would you please, please, pretty please check this idiot out!!!


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