Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Anti-Itch cream or remedy?

A little over a week ago I started developing a rash. It started with one spot. Two days later I found two more, and I keep finding new spots each day. I went to the doctor and I got a cream for it. I can only use that cream once a day, and it doesn't really help the itch, its just supposed to clear it up. What is the most effective anti itch cream or remedy? It seems to be so itchy at night that I've been having trouble sleeping. I've tried cortisone cream, benadryl spray, and aloe vera gel. The aloe vera works pretty well, but it doesn't stop the itch completely. I really don't know what to do. Its unbearable. I read something about taking a bath with epsom salt in it, I might need to try that.Best Anti-Itch cream or remedy?
Any itch cream from aveeno. Once you put it on, it stops itching for the day.Best Anti-Itch cream or remedy?
contact the doc. Sometimes a shot of cortizone or prednizone will do it!
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