Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can i use E54 Itch Relief Cream on...?

My vagina.. i have a real itchen problem and im swollen owch lol, n im going to see the doctor tomorrow but just for a temporary relieft will it be alright to useCan i use E54 Itch Relief Cream on...?
I think that it will be safe. If you have a bag of frozen peas, try using this to get the swelling down, it will also relieve the itch. Or try putting water on a sanitary towel, freeze it and wear it, it will give you instant relief.Nappy/Diaper cream which contains zinc is also helpful. If you have a baby in the house use this. Take care, remove some cream with a spoon, don't dip and re dip your fingers in this as you may pass on an infection.Can i use E54 Itch Relief Cream on...?
noo!! that's for external use only, and fir dry skin irritation and ecxma. and i do beleive that the vagina is internal.

sounds like you got a bit of a different problem. get a proffesional prescrition from a doctor

i'm no doctor but

it may be vaginal thrush or something

but e45 is not the way to go because it is not exma down there and wil probs sting if you used it anyway

have a nice day

Your will be better off using canestan cream.
I would suggest me having a look before giving advice.
No, external use only, have a look in the fridge for some yogurt,
Use caneston duo for thrush
of course it will love, just try to keep it on the outer
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