Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can I use Gold Bond anti-itch cream on my dog?

She has a cut that she won't allow to heal because she keeps scratching at it.Can I use Gold Bond anti-itch cream on my dog?
Yes, you can..but not in an area that she will lick a lot.Can I use Gold Bond anti-itch cream on my dog?
I would not advise to use gold bond but you can use a antibacterial cream, call your vet and ask them first what would be the best treatment. Really you can call your vet and ask questions and they will either tell you to bring the animal in or tell you what to do. but infection can set in and cause more problems.
Itch cream is not the answer for pooch

it may just make it itchier, Gold Bond is for people only.

ALSO.. don't buy or use any Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on it

either that will burn and sting.

I had a Jack Russel (RIP) that would always get scratched up

from runny through blackberry bushes.

I used Poly-Sporin Ointment on them they healed up fast and

didn't get itchy for her at all.

You can get it at your local drugstore and don't need

a prescription for it. Worked for me every time.

P.S. Just make sure your dog doesn't lick it all off.

So apply thin coats of the ointment, more often

then you have to if needed.
As first aid, it may help. It might be something serious. I would call the vet's office and talk to a nurse about it. I am concerned that she might lick it off.

I did a Google search. The first one said that there are 500 things that can cause a dog to itch. Probably good to do a little research.
uhm no. that cream is intended for human skin, not animals. and especially if it is a cut, that allows for dirrect access of the cream into the body, meaning that if it dose contain harmful chemicals and stuff it coudl really hurt your dog.
i wouldn't because she will start to lick it and you don't know what's in gold bond that could be harmful. go to a pet supply store. they have anti-itch medications for dogs.
I agree on bag balm. Benedryl庐

Treat allergies, itching, reaction to insect stings, etc.

1 mg. per 1 Lb.

2 x a day
well .

i wouldn`t do that .

i suggest you go to the vet ,

it`s probably the best ideaaa .
No it will irritate her skin there are thing made just for dogs you need to go and by.
go to the dollar store and get u a can of bag balm works great on animals use it on cow utters after the calf is done wenning
No! NEVER under no circumstances use human medications on a animal.
nope buy urself bitter apple , they sell it in petco nd petsmart and apply it to the area she is scrathing
Benadryl cream will help.
bag balm
i wouldnt but what i would do is bring her to a vet

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