Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can you use the same cream to cure athletes foot and jock itch?

i have jock itch and hace use tea tree oil however it doesn't seem to have much of an effect but stinging when i apply it. i am too embarrased to go to the doctor and was wondering if there are any creams i could buy over the counter. i do not want to ask for cream for jock itch and would rather ask for athletes foot cream however was wondering if they're the same thingCan you use the same cream to cure athletes foot and jock itch?
Yes, it will. Both conditions are caused by the same basic fungus, and a cream that treats one can treat the other. At the store, look for Lotrimin cream. As a rule, the remedies for both jock itch and athlete's foot are sold pretty near one another. The oil will not help, and it can just make matters worse. You also will not want a spray or powder, either. Get the cream and use it as directed. At the same time, you need to dry matters in the region out. It's best if you wear boxer shorts and get some air flow going. At night, you need to go commando. After a shower, be sure you get everyone dried up well, and use the gentle heat setting of a blow dryer if you need to. The cream should make you more comfy in just a few days. And if it doesn't, then just see the doctor. There's no reason to be embarrassed by this, it is just something that can happen sometimes. The doctor won't be seeing anything shocking, and may not even need to do much of an exam either. Try the Lotrimin cream first though.Can you use the same cream to cure athletes foot and jock itch?
Canestan cream is available over the counter at the pharmacy.It will cure any fungal problem you have.Make sure you apply it to you crotch first, and then your feet after drying after showering.

If it continues to inflame, see your doctor.
use the cream on your feet and use baby powder on the jock itch .the baby powder will help to dry it up.

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