Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flea shampoos? Non itch cream?

One summer ago a stray cat wondered into our yard and infected it with fleas... which made our cat get fleas who brought them into the house. We got an exterminator and the problem is over... except for my mom who washes her hair up to 3 or 4 times a day convinced that she can feel them crawling. Now no one else in the family has the problem, not even my dad who shares the same bed. We are convinced that it's nothing, it's simply obsessive compulsive... she has probably tried every shampoo in the world, but can anyone recommend anything like non itch or whatever? I tried to tell her maybe it was a skin thing and she should see a doctor but since she thinks it's fleas or lice or something she's embarassed to go.

Even advice would be helpful, we're just at our wits end... Flea shampoos? Non itch cream?
It sounds like it's probably psychological - I've had the same thing with my two dogs. They picked up fleas from one of my neighbor's cats and we had to go through the whole rigamarole with the exterminator and flea shampoos and spot treatments...I was the same way, I felt like they were crawling all over me even though I could see they weren't. It took weeks for me to get over it!

I swear to you I'm not trying to be funny...but maybe something like a flea shampoo would make her feel like she ';got rid'; of her ';fleas'; !! I know they're not there but maybe it would satisfy her to some degree, and using it once or twice wouldn't damage her hair too much. I wouldn't recommend using it more often than that since it may dry her hair out and/or destroy any coloring she may have.

If she's already tried that ( and it sounds like she may have) they also make anti-itch shampoos for pets, and dandruff shampoos for people. Failing that, hydrocortisone helps with itch, as well as things like Gold Bond Medicated. Flea shampoos? Non itch cream?
Her scalp is itching because it is dry and has been abused from excessive washings and harsh chemicals from the shampoos she is using. Bottom line, your mom is washing the natural oils right out of her hair and scalp. First, your mom needs to stop washing her hair so much, for starters and until she replenish the natural oils in her hair, she should wash her hair once a week. I know this will be very hard for her. She should start using shampoos that are made for dry, damaged and sensitive hair. Tea oil shampoos from the health food stores are good for that.The Tea oil makes the scalp tingle and that should help the itching. Also, she should try going to a salon, or a dermatologist. Just tell her to tell them that she has very dry scalp and hair, no need to tell about the fleas. Lastly she may need a doctor to examine and rule out or treat obsessive compulsive disorder. Good luck

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