Friday, December 18, 2009

I have a new tattoo that really itches, will using itch cream hurt the tattoo?

I would think so. It itches because it healing, try rinsing with really cold water that may help with the itching and keep using the cream for your tattoo or use another cream non scented of course. =)I have a new tattoo that really itches, will using itch cream hurt the tattoo?
You really shouldn't use itch cream. It's itching because it's either getting too dry or simply because it's healing - as you can learn from anyone who's had stitches, it itches terribly when large wounds are healing, and a tattoo is a very compromised area of skin, so it just itches when it heals. Use unscented lotion on it at least 4 times a day to keep it moist (it shouldn't have scabs on it; this can lead to scarring and color loss) and if the itching is unbearable, slap it. It sounds strange and it looks strange when you do it, but it's the best way to help the itching. It won't risk pulling any of the freshly healing skin off or any scabs that might be there.I have a new tattoo that really itches, will using itch cream hurt the tattoo?
Do NOT use itch cream, do NOT use vaseline. Your tattoo needs to breathe!!! You need something specifically designed for tattoos that is all natural.

At all costs, avoid aftercare products that have petroleum or petroleum by-products (this includes A%26amp;D) in them and lanolin (Lubriderm) is bad also. And no lotions.

Your tattoo needs to breathe in order to heal. I have seen lots of ink messed up with that stuff and nothing pisses me off more than redoing my art.

Tat Jam is an excellent aftercare and EASES ITCHING; made specifically for tats. Check the link below to see if you are taking the right steps for aftercare.
It's itching because it is dry. You should keep the tattoo moisturized during the entire healing process with unscented lotion. You can get a bottle for just a few dollars at walmart or any pharmacy.
just deal with it... whenever mine itches i either just slap it (yeah i know, awkward.) or just run water on it, that feels amazing. just deal with it, it will be gone after a couple days.
put Vaseline on it, thats what my tattoo guy told me to do, and I have for all of mine.
All i ever did was smack it !

And sometimes rubbing lotion on it made it feel better to.

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