Friday, December 18, 2009

What is the best cream to get rid of labia itch?

my labia has been itching terribly for the past two days.

what cream is best to take away the itch?

it needs to be vaginal friendly too (:

I don't know if this is a yeast infection yet, i will be going to the gyn next week.

thanksWhat is the best cream to get rid of labia itch?
depends on the cause of the irritation.

Try changing your laundry detergent to a sensitive skin formula or perfume and dye free formula. Avoid wearing synthetic fabric underwear, as well as thongs or g-strings, as they can make the irritation worse through spreading bacteria from your rectum and perineal area in to vaginal area.

Also when showering or bathing, avoid using soap in your vaginal area, keep to just straight warm water, and avoid using bubble bath or oils if bathing.

a topical hydro cortisone cream 0.5% - 1% which is available over the counter, should help if applied sparingly to the external areas affected, as well as over the counter yeast infection treatments if you are sure that is in in fact a yeast infection.

A yeast infection typically presents with itching, burning, and thick white to yellow discharge that may or may not have an offensive odour, and may look curdled or clumpy.

The only real treatment to cure this problem is an anti-fungal such as monistat, or vagisil kits for yeast infections.What is the best cream to get rid of labia itch?
Vagasil!!!! The best without a doubt even if its not a yeast infection it does the trick.
so glad i am a man

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