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My dog has a very bad itch and is licking herself bald - would E45 cream cool her skin ?

Her skin is very hot and she licks and scratches constantly leaving herself bald. She has been to the Vet so many times and he hasn't been able to even come close to curing her. She is almost eight and is a German Shepherd. Otherwise she is healthy and an active dog.My dog has a very bad itch and is licking herself bald - would E45 cream cool her skin ?
Have you tried hydrocortisone cream? I have a small dog that

gets irritated spots on his back and have rubbed a ton of that in

on the spot to ease the itch. Plus the vet says he gets this

because he is really allergic to fleas. I have never seen one

on him, but he gets a regular dose of Prevention and then I

bathe him with tea tree oil every other week, that seems to

help, and use aloe vera wipes every couple of days. He still

has a little trouble, but only during the summer if it gets hot.My dog has a very bad itch and is licking herself bald - would E45 cream cool her skin ?
This sounds like mange to me and my grandad was a vet. Mange is a mite that buries itself in the skin and is very itchy. The vet will sort her/him out with some shampoo and/or cream. Take the dog as soon as possible. Take your dog to another vet. If he hasn't even suggested mange he must not be very good.
she probably has hot spots and the vet should be able to give her proper creams and put a cone on her head so it can properly heal.
You could be feeding her too much red meat, change her food to chicken or just the dry food,(fish or chicken flavour) and put a little flowers of sulphur in her food, you'll get it in the chemist. good luck, and by the way I'd change my vet, he dose'nt know much.
i would be tempted to try a few drops of tea tree oil in a carrier like almond oil and see if there is any improvement as teatree is great for a variety of skin conditions although make sure it is well diluted if your dog is licking the area it was great for my dogs exzema
cold pack (not feezing though) and frontline and a flea collar asap
milk is the best thing belive it or not
go visit your local pets surgery or if your on dss visit your local pdsa, they will be able to help you. trying home methods however sincere you are, might hinder the process.

good luck.
It sounds like stress related allergy, the triggers include flea bites (they hide in the carpets and the dogs bed), maize or corn in the dog food (sweetcorn as we call it), bean bag beds, grass pollen, kelp tablets and yeast tablets.

Keep her flea free, and hoover the house every day because the most likely trigger at this time of year is fleas. Try her on a low allergy diet for a month, sardines and rice or chicken and rice with some spinach and carrot (the frozen stuff is conveniant).

The only treatment the vet can offer is steroids, that doesn't cure the condition, it just treats the symptoms.
Try keeping her from eating anything with wheat. It worked on my dog amazingly (after about 10 days).
Sounds to me like your dog might have some allergies, my dog is allergic to a lot, try cutting out the dog food with corn and food coloring, those are the two main things I've found that a lot of dogs are allergic to.
Yes you could try that my dog got a rash on her stomach which she was licking all the time and the vet suggested a use a nappy rash cream or E45 and it worked wonders with her. Sometimes dogs can suffer from eczema or skin irritations just like us - it doesn't mean your dog has fleas!
Change her food, try giving her cooked meat or tripe and rice, mine had the same thing and it turned out to be an allergy to wheat in the food.

Try using tea tree ointment ( they make one for dogs )
I believe that human medication and creams should not be used on animals. However, it may be a tick that's causing the irritation. If your current vet can't diagnose the problem get a second opinion and change your vet. It's not a good idea to use E45 cream as she would only lick it off.
Sounds like an allergy to me. Is she only licking sepcific areas? Watch if those could get in contact with something. I had a dog allergic to ants- whenever lying in the grass she would go balistic afterwards. Could it be caused by sun? Dogs can get a sunbrun too! I went to a homeopathic vet and got some homeopathic stuff to strengthen her immun system and fight the allergy and she is fine now- I try to avoid her lying in the grass. If your dog's skin is dry and itchy skin you can try giving oily supplements (primrose I think) you can buy in pet store to mix into food which will improve skin condition in general and really helps for falky.itchy, red skin. Also:Have you tried changing the food- can also be responsible for allergies! Dogs can have similar sympthoms than humans so an excema or itch can have similar reasons and can be cured with similar things (food, supplements, etc). If it is sympthomatic, try rescue rememedy (from BACH). I use that when she gets an outbreak and it helps. If nothing helps, get a collar that prevents her from scratching and licking that area so it has a chance to heal properly. One last thing: She is not stressed or bored, is she? Sometimes pets develop those habits when nervous in certain situations. Hope I could be of some help and you get your dog 100% healthy!
no its fleas get a collar and drops
I'm booked into the vets tonight because of the same condition I have had my dog treated with steroids and antibiotics and he still is scratching , he's been like this for a couple of years now and I get fed up trying everything from creams sprays wipes etc This time the spots have spread all over him He was attacked 4 weeks ago by a staffie and from then he's been scratching more than usual anyway I'm not looking forward to the vets cause he's terrified of them through a bad experience with his eyes I would try a few things at home if your not happy with the vets or just go to another one . Good Luck !
Firstly, it is very hard for vets to 'cure' skin problems, this is mainly because an allergy is causing it, and it is up to you to take all the necessary steps to help her. Itchy skin can be caused by fleas or a flea allergy. If she has a flea allergy, she is highly likely to be allergic to many things, including some types of foods, air fresheners in the house, washiong detergent if her bedding is washed etc. You need to go back to your vet, and should be given some steriods to take down the inflammation and itchiness of the skin, and you should also trial a hypoallergenic diet to elimate any dietary allergies. Some dogs can be allergic to pork, chicken, beef etc, so every dog is different and it does take time and patience to find out what she allergic to and whats causing the irritation. Sometimes a blood test can be done to identify allergens, which can be house and dust mites, grass, pollen etc. Once this is established, the an individual vaccine is made and is given monthly as part of an immunotherpay treatment for the allergies. It is also very important that you use a good flea control all year round - stuff from your vets and not the rubbish stuff from the supermarket or pet shop. Believe me they don't work - yes they may be cheaper, but you will be spending more in the long run, when you keep having to buy more, when they are not working.

Skin problems can take months to treat and may never be cured - you just need to keep on top of the causes. This means treating for fleas regularly, not using any fresh air spray, no washing detergent on her bedding, just use hot water on its own, selecting a hypoallergenic diet and not giving any treats, as the ingredients in these could trigger itchiness.

Good luck - it requires patience and effort, but you will get there eventually.
you should take the dog to vet there could be a number of reasons for it
Try some aloe vera gel on it, it will help sooth the skin
Have been in same situation with a dog myself and its a case of elimination. Could be food allergy, skin condition, fleas, mites - a whole host of things. One of my dogs suffered all through its life with a problem like that and we never got to the bottom of it. I have a female shih tzu with itchy skin and sometimes its her anal glands need emptying, also bath her regularly in Malaseb shampoo (antifungal treatment from vet) and a while ago I even found she was allergic to a red nylon collar she was wearing. Vet advised it could be either the dye or the nylon. Changed to a leather collar and she's ok. Good luck. Its very distressing for owner and dog - dont you feel so guilty when you see them itching and scratching! Have you tried Stronghold treatment (only available from vet) - one of my shih tzus had skin mite picked up from the foxes and hedgehogs around here. Sorry but I think its trial and error, but I wish you luck with the problem.

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