Friday, December 18, 2009

Vaginal shaving anti itch cream?

so i shaved clean for the first feeling a little itchy...wats the best cream to use for the itch....i dont want to get any infectin or bumpsVaginal shaving anti itch cream?
I see your black,me too! It really does make a difference when your talking about shaving and any hair issues,you feel me. I shave clean as well. You know the first few times it is irritating,you gotta get used to it.As soon as you shave put lotion on ,i use cocoa butter.You have to shave every other day to maintain a neat looking va- jj! Before you shave take a wash cloth and scrub down there so all the hairs are out of your skin,otherwise your going to get bumps. Its gonna itch at first ,just keep putting lotion down there to keep your skin from getting irritated,that also helps keep it moisturized so you have less chance of getting in growns.Vaginal shaving anti itch cream?
I'd recommend using a shaving GEL with aloe..instead of a cream, I like Edge myself. You may also want to consider just shaving around the lips and undercarriage area, and leave the upper part just trimmed ,since that's where the most irritation usually is. waxing would also be another option to consider, it's much better than shaving.
Apply cocnut oil
Ahhh yes, the little girl prepubescent look. I have a great idea for you. Let it grow out and stop shaving it like that. Trimmed is good but bald is not beautiful. Let it grow and stop clear cutting the patch ladies not all guys out there like the little girl look. By the way, i prefer to give oral with a patch...
DO NOT use shave gel or cream.. You could get a yeast infection from it and Use a single blade razor.. as for your itching,, the first few times you shave it's gonna itch like crazy, but then it will stop.. put a little bit a lotion on.
The best product I've found is called BikiniZone. it's normally sold at the usual places, found near the waxing stuff and the nair. They also sell a shaving gel that you should try with the anti-bumps cream. They work even better together.
summers eve body lotion
use a clear solid deodorant. It helps with itch and also takes care ofthe bumps. Added value is it prevents rash and smells good.
A review of the various hair removal methods is available at
da other black girl...not to be racist or so...but she had a great idea on shaving...and some of u actually gave me new ideas on ways to block the itch...I quit shaving because of the itchyness....i invented walks to scratch the area...But that is a good question Da black princess.

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