Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vaginal tears, itching, thick cream colored/white discharge?

I DON'T have sex, and am std free..I got treated a yeast infection about two months ago, and that cleared up completely. Vagina is extremely itchy, and there seems to be many tears around the vagina and the anus. Although I can not see any. There is also discharge and an unusual smell from the discharge..VERY different symptoms that I had with the yeast infection. Any suggestions to what it could be?Vaginal tears, itching, thick cream colored/white discharge?
I would go see a doctor it maybe another infection. The sooner you know the better you will be.Vaginal tears, itching, thick cream colored/white discharge?
Sweetie, you need to see the doctor. I am almost sure you have another yeast infecton, but a more serious one called ';Thrush';. A few things to remember: Wipe front to back, ALWAYS! Don't douche. It gets rid of the good bacteria that help ward off yeast infections. Don't take bubble baths because they can cause yeast infections as well. One other thing, you could be allergic to something. I am allergic to polyester underwear. Not other clothes, but just underwear because it is such a sensitive area. If you use scented pads or tampons, STOP. They can irritate you as well. But I put my bet on another yeast infection. Not all of them are the same, and not all are the same degree. You may also have a urinary tract infection mixed with a yeast infection... those smell pretty bad! I am 8 months pregnant, and being that pregnant women are prone to yeast infections and urinary tract infections, I was ';lucky'; and got them both at the same time. Whew! Not a good smell at all! But the antibiotics and yeast infection cream helped within days. But I am no doctor, so you NEED to go... Like ASAP! And that is hard with the holiday, so you may need to get to urgent care or the ER. Get an over the counter 1 day yeast infection treatment or even a 3 day one. If it doesn't feel better 2moro then see a doc. There is also a yeast infection test kit on the market now, so go get one of those if you can't get to the doctor right away. Also, get some of the Vagisil Anti Itch cream to go with your Miconazole (yeast infection medication main ingredient) cream/ovules and that can help with comfort. Good Luck.
See a gynecologist is the best thing to do

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