Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is the best cream to relieve itch from a yeast infection.?

I went to my doctors today and she gave me a pill to take for a yeast infection and told me to buy a cream to relieve the itch. Which works the best?? also i heard if you put yogurt on your vaginal area it helps also that even true??? thankyou!!What is the best cream to relieve itch from a yeast infection.?
Vagisil will stop the itching and burning.What is the best cream to relieve itch from a yeast infection.?
Yes Yogurt will help a yeast infection, the thing is that the bacteria that feed upon the yeast in your vagina have been killed off somehow. This can be due to things like taking antibiotics and other reasons. The yogurt has bacteria in it that will help replenish the bacteria in your vagina. You can get so many different creams for a yeast infection. I would just find a popular one and go with that. You can try Vagisile, I have heard that is good. There are meds, like Diflucan that your doctor can give you to help get rid of it as well. The Diflucan is a pill that is what is so wonderful about it. Unlike some meds that you have to take for a week or so, Diflucan can be taken just once or twice and that is all you need. Well I hope you get to feeling better soon!! Oh, you might want to try and eat the yogurt, that would be better and a lot less messier than trying to spread it on like a cream. Get well soon! :)
All the creams are basically the same. You can try Vagisil. As for the yogurt, it is only effective in assisting the end of a yeast infection if you eat it, so don't apply it externally! And lastly, no, a yeast infection shouldn't interfare with your period.
use vagisill it works. i don't know about putting the yogert on it but i heard it works if you eat it and try drinking cranberry juice. wear cotton underware and loose fitting clothes hopefully in a natural fiber. keep them panties dry! make sure they are bone dry when you put them on you can even put a hot iron on the crotch part to make sure.
Canestan cream is the standard cream for yeast infections.
NO! No! No!

EAT the yogurt. Eat it on a regular basis. When you Eat the kind with active yeast culture i.e. DANNON, it helps prevent it.

VAGICILE (I am not spelling it correctly) is the best cream for the itch.
a yeast infection can't delay your period, trust me, I had a yeast infection, a UTI and my period all at the same time. Yes, yogurt does work, but make sure you get plain (not vanilla, plain) because if you get the kind with sugar in it it will just aggravate it. That and Vagisil cream was a LIFESAVER for me. Trust me I was in some pain, the Vagisil works.
Honey - YUMMM!

It helps lots
A yeast infection will not delay your period.

The best cream (over the counter) is the one for athlete's foot. A yeast infection is a fungus - and the athlete's foot cream, called clomitrazole helps a lot. My doctor recommended it for my daughter.

';Clotrimazole is used to treat yeast infections of the vagina,mouth, and skin such as athlete's foot, jock itch, and body ringworm. ..
A dilution of yogurt and water...douche. Helps nuetralize the yeast your body is producing. Eating more yogurt helps also.

Vagisil is a good cream.

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