Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is a good anti-itch cream?

I use Revolution on my cat, he is an indoor cat but I noticed what seems to be some kind of small bites on his lower belly. He does go out and sit on the balcony but would like to know a good cream to stop the itch. He seems to constantly licking or scratching the area.What is a good anti-itch cream?
It is probably fleas. Get Adams flea spray. Put it on the places where the cat sits and all over furniture to kill the fleas. Get a flea treatment immediately. Fleas can drive cats crazzzziiieee.What is a good anti-itch cream?
You do not want to use anything on your cat that he can lick off without asking a professional.A pharmacist may help you but phone the vet.I know that you can use polysporn on a cat but for itch don,t know if it would help.

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