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Is Gold Bond anti-itch cream safe for a new tattoo?

I just got a new tattoo on my foot about 2 weeks ago and it is really starting to itch. It is almost unbearable! Is it safe to use Gold Bond anti-itch cream?Is Gold Bond anti-itch cream safe for a new tattoo?
I am unfamiliar with that product. What does your artist recommend?

I like Cetaphil for Sesitive skin.

* Dry, Sensitive Skin Treatment.

* Fragrance free.

* Non-Comedogenic.

* Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion was formulated specifically for chronic dry, sensitive skin.

* Contains a superior system of extra-strength emollients and humectants, clinically proven to bind water to the skin and prevent moisture loss.

* Provides long-lasting relief to even severe dry skin.

* Free of lanolins, parabens and fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin.

* Non-comedogenic.

* Made in Canada.

Try ice!Is Gold Bond anti-itch cream safe for a new tattoo?
I wouldn't chance it!!! Stick with what ever your artist recommend...The itching is part of the healing, everyone I know far the worst part!!!! I know it sounds corny...but give it a good open palm works for my sister, husband and myself!!;-) I really Love getting ink but dread the ';unbearable itchies'; !!! Have a great day!!!Happy inking!!
no....just keep putting lotion on it and if it itches, slap it....
Im lucky and neither of my tattoos have itched. My brther on the other hand has 6 on his back and every single one was torture for him...I found slapping it with an open palm helped alot for him. (as well as let me smack my brother!)

as for putting gold bond on it, the simplest way to see if you shoudl use something on a new tattoo is to look at the ingredients. If there is 'fragrance' ANYWHERE in the ingredients, even the very last thing, dont use it! Sometimes it takes a good while to find something on your own, so save some time and just call up your shop and see what they recommend. Mine recommends Tattoo Goo, I got a tub as a precaution for like $12. Unopened, but there if I ever do need it! Good luck to you!
dont do it! The ones on my feet itched like hell. I used anti-itch stuff on one foot, and the color is noticabley faded. I just smack them with an open palm, really hard. It sounds brutal, but it really does work. It stops the itching and doesnt add anything bad to the healing process.
absolutely not! iit is so full of chemicals and petroleum that it would suffocate your tattoo and ruin it. the only things acceptable for a tattoo are:

Lubriderm lotion (unscented)

Vaseline Intensive Care (not vaseline jelly)

Aloe lotions

Vitamin E

I should know because i run a tattoo studio in Surrey, BC
i don't think it is neccessary to be putting gold bond cream on. you should just wash it.
NOOOOO! Use an antibiotic to help it heal. it's part of healing.
no, it'll suck the ink (color brightness) right out of your tattoo... there is a specially made product for new tattoos called H20cean, and it will heal your tattoo gently and it will keep all of the color, it looks brand new when it's finally healed, and it's only like 10 bucks for a bottle of it. get it. or....if you're on the cheap route, get a curel or lubriderm unscented lotion.
I wouldnt use it. I have one on my foot and I remember how bad it itched ( and hurt ) I would keep it moisturized and itch around it if you have to. Dont scratch it though. You could slap it to relieve it occasionally.
no way
Definitely not! The itching is a normal part of the healing process. Gently rub some vaseline on it. The itching is the tiny little scars in your skin made by the needle, vaseline will soften it. Call and ask your tattoo artist if he has a ';house'; product he recommends (mine uses this stuff called ';Tattoo Goo'; works like a charm). Don't experiment with other things, as most products will leech the color from the tattoo and cause it to fade faster. Stay away from products that are high in vitamin E as well.

Best luck to you.
I used the Aveeno anti-itch lotion on my tattoo when it started to itch really bad. It relieved the itching. Its better than scratching it!
Try some cocoa butter. It is unscented, natural, and nice and cold. My artist told me it was the best. I also used coca butter while pregnant because my stomach itched so bad from stretching and it always relieved the itch. Since it is natural, it is alright to use often, just don't slather it on, a little goes a long way. A tattoo is a wound and it needs to breathe.
I would try a regular lotion first, the anti-itch might be too strong.
A %26amp; D ointement is the best thing for a tattoo but there are several lotions specifically designed for tats now that are full of all the different things that a new tattoo needs to heal properly the tattoo shop in which you got the tattoo from if a good parlor should sell it.

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