Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's the best anti-itch cream for mosquito bites?

benadryl cream, or gel.

works very well on my kids. hope it works for you too.What's the best anti-itch cream for mosquito bites?
Ammonia-it neutralizes the sting.

Put some on a paper towel or cotton ball and hold it on the sting.

Mosquito sticks are made of ammonia and bees wax.What's the best anti-itch cream for mosquito bites?
You know, I always use rubbing alcohol. It really gets rid of the itch. Creams just seem to amplify the itch to me.
go to the supermarket and get regular household amonia. dab it on with a cotton ball. it takes the itch and swelling down immediatly. works just as well on other biting flies and bee stings as well.
Get some baking soda, mix a little water with it to form a paste. Put it on the bite.
I find that Polysporin cream,not the gel,is the best for mosquito bite,my family has been using this product for years and han bee very good as an anti itch,remember the crean not the gel the cream does not stain and it disappears instantly,try it,and you will agree with me..
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